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Director of Cemetery Management
/Funeral Coordinator
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The St. Joseph Cemetery Columbaria Memorial Garden

Below is the illustrated rendering of our new St. Joseph Niche Garden .  Because the current 5 columbaria have been sold out, we have planned additional niches to be built in the “new” section of our cemetery, opposite the Amodeo mausoleum. 

The large columbarium that will be in the center of the garden has 72 niches and the surrounding four columbaria will each contain 48 niches.  This planned area will serve the community for many years to come.

 This project has been funded through our cemetery savings and will be paid for in the long run as we sell niches.  In addition, future sales will continue to keep our perpetual care fund strong in order to maintain the cemetery for years to come.  The cost to maintain our cemetery, which is one of the best kept in the area, is not cheap.

 If you have any questions about the memorial garden or would like to purchase a niche, please call our Director of Cemetery Operations, Barbara Mosco at (410) 256-1630.  

Check out the progress of our new
Columbaria Memorial Garden